Education in group or in seminars

Group training has several advantages. Among other things, it creates interactivity and discussions between colleagues, which is highly appreciated. It provides the opportunity to discuss how new information and data can be used in clinical practice. This leads to a faster change in daily work.

With or without supervisors - Often, the training is carried out with the help of skilled doctors in the field that acts as supervisors, but you can design the training so that they can also be carried out by the company's own staff.

The courses are based on patient cases. Guidelines and evidence are integrated in the right place in the material, to increase understanding and acceptance of new data.


Education is conducted with a mentometer or web link voting system to ensure the involvement of all participants. The latter also offers the opportunity to participate and vote at a distance. Answers are saved anonymously and can be used to further increase and disseminate new knowledge.

The courses in Meducate provide the prerequisites for creating durable concepts with relevant content that can be carried out many times over a long period of time. And the more people participate, the more interesting becomes the response database.