Individual Distance Education

Sometimes it's difficult to gather the audience in time or space. Meducate also enables interactive training modules to be performed on their own. These usually become less extensive than those conducted as group training. In order for the target group to implement them, they need to be designed in a manner that stimulates reflection and addresses the right clinical aspects. Often they are made as short patient cases where facts are integrated with decision and / or knowledge issues.

Own concept or extension of programs with group training

Most often distance learning is used as a complement to a group education concept. For example, participants in future group training can answer some situational issues. Participants' answers can then form the basis for discussions in group education. You can also use distance education as an extension of a program of physical meetings. Of course, you can also do training modules that are entirely on your own.

Save answers - show how others responded

Throughout the education of many, here is also created a database of anonymous answers that gives the opportunity to give back to those who responded while giving your organization new knowledge.