A good education requires knowledge

In the world of Meductus, education is good when it transmits new knowledge to the recipient in such a way that the new knowledge is used. That is, leads to a change.

Interactivity - In order to achieve change in practice, we know that a high level of active participation is required. We therefore work a lot with method and format that creates interaction, so that participants study and discuss how the new knowledge can be used in clinical practice.

Purpose and objectives - When Meductus produces training, we always have a proper review with the client about the purpose and goals before production commences. What do the needs look like and what do you want to achieve?

Content and format - The objectives form the basis for the content of the education, but also the format. Will there be major national meetings with patient cases with mentometer buttons, or less local clinic meetings? The subject content of the education should cater to both the company's needs and the needs of the participants. All for the education to attract participants.



With our Meducate technical platform you can create interactive courses or interactive campaigns. But we're happy to help. Although the work tool is simple, experience may be required to dispense the content in an educationally appealing way to get the desired results. We have long experience.

Meducate is tailored to facilitate the development of educational patient cases where clinical issues are clarified. Relevant facts and guidelines are integrated in the right places. Everything to create interesting discussions with evidence-based support.

With experts - When we produce education, we will do it with experienced specialist physicians in the field. The final result will be relevant education with the right level of questions and evidence

We deliver complet educations with a high level of interactivity. If you want to assist, we are both in the internal and external launch.

In Meducate, participants' responses are anonymously stored in a database. This provides the opportunity to generate new knowledge and insights. For example, you can collect answers to questions relating to both medical and clinical practice and the treatment choices in specific situations. The answers can be very interesting for the company and at the same time provide the opportunity for valuable feedback to the participants.

Meducate offers the opportunity for infinite number of training opportunities in the form of physical meetings with small and large groups or as completely digital versions performed individually. Meducate can be applied in therapy field education but can also be integrated into a presentation material to increase participation and mutual exchange.