A good education requires knowledge....

We know what is required for an education to create change in clinical practice. With methods that create a high level of interaction and with relevant content, we make the step from word to action shorter.

...and the right tools.

Meductus produces training in our proprietary tool Meducate, to ensure quality and interactivity.

Check out the movie that shows how it works in practice (Note: In Swedish, not yet translated).

Group Training

With relevant and challenging clinical issues in patient cases, great involvement and genuine discussions are created between colleagues and with expert. With a good program you can create many appreciated meeting opportunities.


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Interactive presentations

Everyone, both business and healthcare, wants to get the most out of the time you meet. Meducate helps improve the efficiency of traditional information meetings and ensure that the right questions always come up.

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In private at distance

With the Meductus tool, you can also do interactive training modules performed on your own whenever and wherever you want on a computer, reading tablet or smartphone. The participants' reply will be anonymously back to you.


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